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Welcome to "da Gurus"! How does it work?

  • Didn't get answers to your questions anywhere?
    • Are you overwhelmed with the Internet search results?
    • No replies on free forums?
    • Do you need a person and not a computer program to read and understand your question?
    • Do you want an answer to just that one question?
    • Where can you find experts / professionals to answer your question?
    • Do you feel like "Take a few bucks, but just answer my question"?
    • Where do you go now?
  • How many times have you felt the need to ask a question to a Guru?
    Labor is expensive in today's world and to hire an Expert or a Professional or as we love to call them, a "Guru", to do a simple job is expensive. Now more than ever, people the world over are involved with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Let's take an example. Hiring an expert for a simple task like installing a home theater system may even cost more than the home theater system itself. Most people would rather install it themselves by going through the installation manual. But if you now have that one specific question which you want to ask the experts / professionals / Gurus, where do you go?
    • Do an Internet search, which may end up giving you hundreds of thousands of results. After sifting through this you may end up with instructions that are as confusing or incomplete. Most people are overwhelmed with search results.
    • Explain the problem in a free community forum like Yahoo Answers and wait for someone to reply. You only get to type your question and you may not even use other help like posting pictures to explain the problem with your installation or a video explaining what you have done so far with the installation and what exactly do you need advice about. After days of waiting, you may or may not receive any replies. The replies may not necessarily be from experts and may not even be relevant to your questions. There is no incentive for an expert to answer on such websites.
    At such times you desperately "seek" a place where the Gurus would take an effort to understand your question and provide you an answer for a reasonable price.
  • Where do you go now?
    • If you want to "search" on the Internet, then you go to
    • If you want the "news" on the Internet, then you go to or
    • If you want to buy a "product" on the Internet, then you go to or
    • If you want to see a "video" on the Internet, you go to
    • If you want to ask a question or need a service, where do you go?
  • Ta da!!! Did you ask da Gurus?
    da Gurus is a world of services where a Seeker (we fondly call you the "Seeker" of knowledge) can ask a question on any topic or field whether it is gardening, cooking, accounting, finance, health, fitness or even electronic equipment installation.
    Ask a question

    You can post your question for all the Gurus to see. Describe your question in complete detail with the help of -
    • Text
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    Select a winner

    Once you post a question, the Gurus in that field will review your question and they will bid on the question to provide a quote - a price for which they are willing to answer your question. You are in complete control of the decision making process. Review the bids from different Gurus, review their profile and decide the winner.

    You can decide the winner -
    • at any point of time and
    • for any of the bid amounts at your discretion.
    Receive the answer

    The winning Guru answers your question. Rest assured that there will be real Gurus who will review and completely understand your question in depth and will provide you with an answer that will be relevant to your questions instead of giving you generic information that you already had in an installation manual or from an Internet search. The key incentive for the Gurus is the monetary compensation and professional satisfaction to share their expertise and knowledge to answer your questions, to resolve your problems.

    The amount that you pay for the question is not released to the Guru until you review and "accept" the answer! You can even ask a follow-up question if you are not clear about something in the winning Guru's answer.

    Join us now and start asking questions. Registration is free!
  • Gurus
    We believe that every person is an expert or a Guru in some field or the other. We respect the Gurus in every field, be it a great gardener, super plumber, an expert electrician or a meticulous accountant. Many Gurus share their knowledge and provide answers on the Internet for free in their spare time to help others. But they don't necessarily receive money or respect for sharing their knowledge.

    da Gurus invites you to resolve problems, answer questions and share your knowledge with the Seekers. You will not only earn the money you deserve for sharing your knowledge, but above all you will receive the respect that you deserve. da Gurus provides a convenient platform to build your income and business on the side and you willget paid to share your knowledge and expertise.

    To sum it up, we are the e-bay of "services". Join our community, establish an early presence and build your reputation by earning valuable feedback. Click here to learn more about how to become a Guru and start earning for every answer.
  • What inspired the name "da Gurus"?
    Since this website is all about Gurus or experts in various fields and since we are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and similar other Gurus of the past, we named it da Gurus. Through da Gurus, we wish to acknowledge, reward and honor the everyday Gurus for their knowledge that they share with us to resolve our questions and problems. 

Welcome to "da Gurus"! Benefits of becoming a Guru.

  • Are you an Expert or a Professional in any field?
    If you are an expert or a professional in any field, then join da Gurus and start answering questions. You will earn money for every answer and best of all you get to decide the price for your answer. Here are the key benefits of why you should become a Guru on our website:
    • First and foremost, this requires zero investment from you. Registration is completely free and there are no annual or monthly membership fees.
    • You do not need any special tools. All you need is the knowledge and expertise in your fields and an Internet connection.
    • All of us have answered questions on free forums. Now get paid to share your knowledge and help others.
    • You get to quote the price for every answer.
    • Build your reputation with valuable feedback and increase your primary business.
    • Earn additional income by answering questions in the fields of your expertise. Make an extra income without stepping out from your home.

  • Get the early mover's advantage!
    Most of us have heard about the e-Bay millionaires and wonder what if we too had spotted that opportunity early on. They were the early movers who established a profile on e-Bay, established good feedback and then kept building on it. They are still reaping the benefits for being one of the early movers.

    This is your chance to get the early movers advantage on da Gurus! Join us, establish your profile and start answering questions. Build some positive feedback from Seekers and then see your reputation keep building up automatically as you get more and more questions to answer. This will not only improve your online presence but also help increase your primary business. Register now and get the early mover's advantage! 
  • How do I become a successful Guru?
    Here are the key steps to become a successful Guru:
    • Go to the My Account page after completing registration and click on "Create new Guru Profile" link on that page.
    • Create as many expertise profiles in as many fields as you want. We believe that everyone may be an expert in more than one field. Describe your expertise in clear words and add pictures of yourself or your business. Add pictures of your accreditation certificates, if any, in the respective fields. Add a video of yourself or your business or even an advertisement of your business.

      Tip: Gurus with the most detailed description, pictures and videos usually get to answer the most questions.

      Sample profiles of some of the Gurus:
      Martial Arts Guru
      Junk Removal Guru
      Graphic Design & Animation Guru
      Careers & Employment Guru
    • Go to the My Account page and click on "Email Subscriptions" link to subscribe to as many categories / fields that are of interest to you.
    • Based on your Email Subscriptions, you will start receiving email notifications for new questions posted in your categories of interest.
    • Start bidding on questions. Answer questions in complete detail and support your answers with pictures and videos. Earn great feedback and build a solid reputation.
    • If you have a blog or a My Space page or your own website, then invite your audience ask questions on da Gurus. Add the da Gurus banner to your email signature.
      Click here to see the tools that we provide you to invite others to ask you questions.
    If you are wondering how do Seekers register, then the answer is, "the same way as a Guru". A Seeker may want to ask a question in a particular field, but that same Seeker may be a Guru in other fields. Precisely; just because you are a Guru in a few fields, it does not mean that you cannot ask questions in other fields. Click here to see why the Seekers will ask you a question and pay for the answer. 

Welcome to da Gurus

Didn't get answers to your questions anywhere?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the Internet search results?
  • No answers on free forums?
  • Need a person instead of a computer program to read & understand your question?
  • Where can you find experts / professionals to answer your question?
  • Did you ask da Gurus?
Ask a question
Select a winning Guru
Receive the answer
Yes, it is as simple as 1, 2 and 3. You can post detailed questions together with pictures and videos for FREE.

Seekers: If you need answers, guidance or advice from experts, professionals or Gurus, then visit the "How does it work?" page to learn more about da Gurus.

Gurus: If you are an Expert / Professional / Guru in one or more fields, then visit the Guru section that explains the "Benefits of becoming a Guru" or you can visit the "Answer Questions" page to view questions in different categories and to start answering them.